Code of Good Practice

In carrying out its Public Service missions, RTE undertakes to ensure that:

  • all electricity market players seeking access to the high and extra-high voltage transmission network are treated in a fair and non-discriminatory manner,
  • its methods and practices are transparent, by providing all current or potential users of the network with the same quality of information on the general rules governing the electricity market, and by working with the French energy regulator (CRE) to create and develop market mechanisms,
  • commercially sensitive information is kept strictly confidential, to guarantee undistorted competition.

These have been RTE's commitments since the company was set up. They are brought together in the code of practice which RTE is required to publish in accordance with Article 6 (III) of the Law of 9 August 2004 (in French only). Each year, RTE provides CRE with a report detailing how the Code of Practice has been applied.

Code of Good Practice (.pdf)
Code of Good Practice
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Annual Report on the Independence of RTE and Implementation of the Code of Practice 2016 (.pdf)
Annual Report on the Independence of RTE and Implementation of the Code of Practice 2016
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Article 16 of the Law of 10 February 2000 (in French only), stipulates that: "the public transmission system operator shall keep confidential all information of an economic, commercial, industrial, financial or technical nature, the disclosure of which would be likely to infringe the rules on free and fair competition and non-discrimination imposed by the law".

The Applicatory Decree of 16 July 2001 (in French only) specifies the nature of sensitive information and sets down the dispensatory conditions in which it may in fact be disclosed.

To meet these commitments, RTE takes relevant steps wherever possible, particularly in respect of its own staff and any external entities with which it works.

RTE's handling of confidential and sensitive information is based on:

  • a national Directive whose requirements are incorporated into RTE's management practices
  • an awareness-raising communication approach based on the hierarchical structure in place at the company, and an operational communication approach based on networks in each area of expertise, with the help of confidentiality guides for each area.
  • a system of information channels and feedback built upon a network of confidentiality correspondents.

Particular importance is placed on the Information System, which must be both efficient and open to development, with the security needed to guarantee fair access to data and confidentiality for sensitive data.

RTE's dealing with customers' complaints

The customer's main contact, Customer Relationship Manager or Key Accounts Manager, answers to any complaint filed by a customer in three stages:

  1. he confirms the complaint reception to the customer within 10 days*
  2. he gathers all information to be able to analyse the customer's complaint
  3. he answers to the customer within 30 days*

In case of a complex complaint, RTE may need more time to analyse it and informs the customer about this additional time.

RTE prevents any risk of discrimination by going through all complaints, in particular by checking if there are a few from the same customer and if there is any from a new comer.

As part of its management system, RTE makes a regular summary of customers' complaints and publishes it in its annual report about Code of Good Practice.

* calendar days

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