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Impact of the creation of the Power Generation Public Service Fund.

Source: RTE 19/02/2002

Modification of the network access price scale resulting from the application of the regulations relative to the Power Generation Public Service Fund.

The publication of Decree n 2001-1157 of 6 December 2001 and of the Ministerial Order of 25 January 2002 setting the forecast amounts of contributions to the Power Generation Public Service Fund for the year 2002, decided by the Ministry of the Economy and Energy on the proposal of the Electricity Regulation Commission, leads to a change in the electrical energy delivery price scale.
The network access price scale in effect since February 1999 included a part equal to 1.52 Euro/MWh (1 centime FRF/kWh) intended to cover the public service charges.
From now on, the temporary network access price scale will no longer include this part to cover missions allocated to public service charges, identified under the term "missions of general economic interest".
This measure is applied retroactively as of 1 January 2002.

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