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RTE builds the electricity highway east of Paris.

Source: RTE 30/04/2002

RTE builds the electricity highway east of Paris.

Since 1998, RTE (Réseau de Transport d'Electricité), the French Transmission System Operator, has undertaken the reconstruction of the 400kV and 225kV power line corridor between the districts of Roissy en Brie and Villevaudé in Seine et Marne. The energy consumed each day by nearly 2,400,000 homes i.e. a capacity of 2,000 MW is conveyed through this section of 15 kilometres.

The work undertaken on the Morbras-Villevaudé site constitutes the largest construction project that RTE is now carrying out in France. It meets a dual objective :

- increasing the energy transfer between the north and south of France by 70%. The power capacity will be increased ten-fold along this strategic passage, linking the major generation sites of the Rhône Valley to the northern regions of France.
- reducing the ground area taken up by the transmission facilities by 25%. The space taken up by the corridor will thus no longer include seventy-eight towers scheduled to be removed from the landscape. This is a considerable advantage in a particularly dense an changing environment (highly dense urban area, concentration of transmission infrastructure networks and large wooded areas).

Exceptional in more than one respect, the Morbras-Villevaudé project required eight years of dialogue and co-operation with all of the population concerned, the public authorities and local concession holders, two years of preparatory work, unprecedented human and technical ressources, for a total investment of 50 million euros.
The replacement of the two 400 kV lines by a single line has just been completed. The work on the 225 kV lines got under way in January 2002 and will come to a close at the end of the year.
Power transmission between the north and south of France will now be adapted to the energy transfer and supply needs for the next fifty years.

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