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France-United Kingdom Interconnection.

Source: RTE 30/10/2002

Interruption of exchange capacity between France and England

In the night of Tuesday 29 October to Wednesday 30 October, the salt and sand deposits brought about by the meteorological events of the weekend led to the outage of the France-United Kingdom cross-channel DC link and the interruption of exchange capacity between the two countries.

The French power supply network sustained no disturbances.

The transforming substation at Les Mandarins (to which the submarine cable linking France and the United Kingdom is connected) was affected by two incidents last night leading to the interruption of power exchanges between France and England.

Last night, RTE carried out cleaning operations to remove the salt which had settled on the lines and componentsd. These operations are still continuing.

RTE is doing its utmost to restore normal power supply in the morning. All of the exchange capacity between France and England would then be restored.

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