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Information concerning the restart-up of the 225 kV interconnection line between Pragnères (France) and Biescas (Spain).

Source: RTE 05/05/2003

The restoration of power to the Pragnères - Biescas line is scheduled for 7 May 2003. The interconnection capacity from France to Spain will then return to its usual level (1,400 MW).

In the night of 30 to 31 January 2003, harsh meteorological conditions seriously damaged towers in the vicinity of the Pragnères substation on the Pragnères - Biescas 225 kV line, the interconnection link between France and Spain.

Completion of the major repair works on the line, carried out under difficult access conditions, is planned for 6 May 2003.

The interconnection capacity in the direction France-Spain, which has been a maximum of 1,100 MW during the works, will get back to its usual level with the restart-up of the Pragnères - Biescas line, i.e. 1,400 MW as of 7 May 2003.

The capacity on the France - Spain interconnection is kept up to date on our Web site, section "Life of the power system / Transfer capacities / France-Spain interconnection".