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RTE and National Grid implement a service of intra-daily nominations on IFA 2000 and introduce weekend and season auction products.

Source: RTE 27/02/2004

RTE and National Grid publish today issue 5 of IFA Access Rules that allows renominations within the day and propose also capacity auctions for weekends and seasons.

March 2004 is a new important stage for the access to the link IFA 2000 management. After 3 years during which the capacity allocation mechanism by auctions has allowed almost 20 markets actors to gain access to the interconnector between France and England, RTE and National Grid improve the flexibility of the use of the link by letting users to modify their nominations during the day. The estimated date of starting of this service is fixed on 29th March 2004.

The intraday nomination service will allow Users to modify their day-ahead nomination at several gates during the day. The nominations will still have to be done within the Users Interconnector Capacity Entitlement.

RTE et National Grid will publish the limits within which the intraday nominations will be able to take place at least half an hour before the closure of the gates. This information will be available on RTE web site in our section "Life of the power system / Transfer capacities".
For more details about the arrangement to have access to IFA you can read our page in our section "Offers and Services" which has been updated with issue 5 of the IFA Access Rules.
Thus, RTE and National Grid answer to an expectation of the markets and maintain their control over French and English system security.

Auction products
As you may be aware a tranche of 600MW of France to England capacity currently allocated as 3 year capacity becomes available at the end March 2004. In anticipation of this RTE and National Grid have undertaken a review of capacity products currently offered with a view to determining the product mix for the coming year 2004.

As a result of this review and following feedback from Users RTE and National Grid have decided to offer the following capacity products:

- Calendar Year and UK Financial Year (April to March)
- Seasons (Initially Summer 2004)
- Quarters
- Months
- Days
- Weekends - subject to satisfactory trial

As can be seen from the above it has been decided not to offer a further tranche of 3 year capacity. Moreover, RTE and National Grid are answering to Users requests to have capacity products which are in line with the traded energy products by introducing two new products: seasons and weekends.

Auction Notices
In fulfilment of the obligations contained within the IFA Access Rules and to give a better visibility to Users, RTE and National Grid are publishing an indicative timetable setting out the proposed dates for Annual & Periodic Auctions. Volumes available for each of the products will be notified in the individual Auction Specifications.