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RTE sets up a new CURTE working group dedicated to the technical reference code.

Source: RTE 16/09/2004

RTE invites industry players directly concerned by use of the public transmission system to take part in the CURTE's work on RTE's technical reference code.

A new sub-group will shortly be set up, with the task of drawing up a technical reference code for connection to the public transmission system. On behalf of RTE, Pierre Bornard, Chairman of CURTE (the French Power Transmission System Users Committee), invites all industry players concerned by use of the public transmission system (producers, consumers, distributors, intermediaries and their groupings) to contribute to the CURTE's work.

The technical reference code is being drawn up by RTE in accordance with the June 2003 decree on general technical prescriptions for design and operation, which installations are required to satisfy before they can be connected to the public power transmission system. It is intended to set out the main principles for operating and using the public transmission system, in accordance with legislative and regulatory provisions and rulings by CRE.

Only a few weeks ago, on 1st July 2004, the market was opened up to all professional customers. In addition, the French electric landscape is undergoing a number of significant changes, with the implementation of the law of 9th August 2004 on public service electricity and gas, and electricity and gas companies. In this changing context, RTE would like to launch a consultation on the new reference code with CURTE members who use the public transmission system.

The CURTE first met in 2000 at the behest of RTE Director, André Merlin. Since then, it has provided a unique forum where industry players are able to exchange their thoughts and views on issues relating to use of the public power transmission system.

The committee is open to all electricity industry players who are directly concerned by use of the transmission system. Its various sub-groups focus on specific issues such as the Balancing Mechanism, Management of the Balance Responsible system and Interconnections. They have played a key role in drawing up the new rules needed as the French power market opens up to competition. In particular, they have helped ensure that when accessing the public transmission system, all concerned observe the principles of transparency and non-discrimination laid down by the law.

For further information, interested parties and professional bodies should contact RTE
- either by e-mail at the following address: Frederic-F.Roy@rte-france.com
- or by post at the following address: RTE CURTE, 1 Terrasse Bellini TSA 41000 92919 La Défense Cedex