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Source: RTE 27/10/2004

From 2nd november 04 on, RTE is offering a new optional service Dat@ RTE : Dat@ RTE - Balance Responsible Forecast Position, for Balance Responsible entities.

RTE is offering a new service Dat@RTE for Balance Responsible Entities :

" Dat@ RTE - Balance Responsible Forecast Position "

This service enables a Balance Responsible Entity to check on D-1 his forecast position on the French electricity market for D day based on :

- the total of notified Block exchanges or Imports/Exports notified to RTE
- the data sent by Powernext to RTE (Spot, Futures, VPP options)
- the energy solt by the Balance Responsible Entity to RTE for network losses compensation.

For checking data you can choose an interactive consultation or to download files from RTE's secure portal.
More, RTE is sending the Forecast Position by secure e-mail (Global Intranet) at 6:00 p.m.

The service is available from 2nd november 04 on (data dated 04.11.03).

It is optional and the its price is ¤ 1,300/month.

Consult the new publication " Dat@ RTE - Balance Responsible Forecast Position. "

Contact : Key Account Department or Client Department of Centre National d'Exploitation du Système.