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RTE and National Grid introduce a new overnight gate-closure for intra-daily nominations on IFA 2000.

Source: RTE 20/09/2005

RTE and National Grid allow intraday renominations at 3am (Paris local time) from 21st September.

On 29th March 2004, RTE and National Grid gave the possibility for IFA Users to modify their nominations on IFA at five gates during the day.

An overnight gate-closure at 3am (Paris local time) for intraday renomination will be implemented on IFA 2000 the 21st September 2005.

Thus, RTE and National Grid answer to an expectation of the markets and maintain their control over French and English system security.

For more details about the arrangement to have access to IFA you can read our page in our section "Offers and Services" which has been updated with Issue 5.1 of the IFA Access Rules.