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South of France: Service restored to the entire RTE power transmission network

Source: RTE-DICAP 29/01/2009

Service restored to the entire RTE power transmission network within 5 days.

Five days after storm Klaus struck, causing damage to a major part of the high and extra high voltage power grid in the South of France on 24 January 2009, this Thursday morning at 11.13am, RTE completed work to restore power to all of the affected transforming substations. At the height of the crisis, some 118 lines and 93 substations were out of service.

RTE has therefore honoured the commitment made to the Government, to return its entire network to service within five days, an essential condition for restoring power to all consumers.

These results were obtained with the exceptional mobilization of some 600 RTE technicians and specialists.

In the next few days, RTE will continue to make the final repairs to the high and extra high voltage lines affected, in order to ensure long term reliability for the entire network, notably in the Pyrénées Orientales, Gironde, Landes, Pyrénées Atlantiques and Gers départements.

Dominique Maillard, Chairman of RTE, has stated his intention immediately to provide distribution system operator ERDF with the human resources and equipment needed to restore power to end customers quickly.