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New corporate website and Customer Website only address being now http://clients.rte-france.com

Source: RTE DICAP 21/01/2010

The Customer website only address is now http://clients.rte-france.com

RTE has launched a new corporate website at www.rte-france.com. A full english version will be available soon, but we provide you with a temporary ?english? page in the meantime.

Please note that there is no change on the French/English Customer Website, all data and services being, as always, available in both languages.

May we remind you that, as planned in June 2009, the Customer Website correct and only address is now :

replacing the old address http://www.rte-france.com/espace_clients/, no longer valid.

We invite you, if not done already to :
- update your bookmarks
- update your hyperlinks or macros leading to a data page:
"http://www.rte-france.com/espace_clients/.../mydatapage.jsp" : you will have to modify them to use the new root : http://clients.rte-france.com/.../mydatapage.jsp