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Moves to promote transparency in the French electricity market enter a new phase

Source: 01/07/2010

Forecast availability, unit by unit

UFE is once more improving the quality of the information published on generation in the French electricity market. From June 29, 2010, it publishes the forecast available capacity of each generation unit of over 100 MW, looking ahead to the next three months. The data published is updated once a day for the weekly timeframe, and once a week for the full three-month timeframe.

UFE is thus actively pursuing the development of its data publication system concerning French electricity generation. It provides data free of charge for market participants available on the RTE website, which currently represents the platform for market transparency. In line with commitments given in 2009, UFE is once again improving the information made available to market participants, through the introduction of three major developments:

  • Forecast available capacity for the short and medium term published for each generation unit with a nominal capacity greater than 100 MW

  • Data for gas and coal-fired generation, previously released as aggregate totals, to be published separately from the end of the week

  • The scope of the data published is also expanding, with POWEO joining efforts to promote greater transparency
    UFE already has plans, by the end of 2010, to publish the unscheduled outages affecting generation units of over 100 MW within 30 minutes - virtually in real time.

UFE's system is one of the most representative in Europe, covering some 90% of the French generating fleet.