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RTE unveils "éCO2mix", a new service providing continuous information on electricity demand, generation and CO2 emissions in France

Source: RTE - DICAP 16/11/2010

RTE's new national "éCO2mix" service is another step towards greater transparency.

For the first time, in addition to details of electricity demand which are already available, RTE will be giving the general public continuous access, on its website, to information on the amounts of electricity being generated by the different types of power plants in France, along with the corresponding CO2 emissions (in tonnes / hour). RTE thus reinforces its service intended to promote greater public awareness about the importance of managing electricity use, especially at peak times. Since last July, the data regarding previous day had been published on www.rte-france.com.

The information is displayed in the form of curves, which naturally complete the electricity demand curve (or "load curve"), already available on the website www.rte-france.com. It forms a key part of RTE's service to encourage better public awareness. By giving French citizens more visibility over the way they use electricity, RTE is looking to promote best practices for managing electricity consumption, throughout the year and in particular during peak periods, notably in winter.

The new service provides a breakdown of the amounts of electricity being generated by the different kinds power plants in France: nuclear, hydro-electric, gas, fuel-oil, coal, wind, etc?and enables to estimate the related CO2 emissions. Particular attention may be given to the demand peaks at 7pm in winter, when specific generating facilities can be brought on stream.

By providing a clear and continuous picture of demand, the different generating technologies used and levels of CO2 emissions at any given time, RTE enables everyone to take into account their effects on greenhouse gas (CO2) emissions by the way they use electricity.

CO2 emissions are estimated by RTE on the basis of the reference values for each generation technology used by ENTSO-E, the European association of transmission system operators, in its publications. These values are also used by the International Energy Agency (IEA) for its own publications.

To view the data, click on the button which can be found on the RTE homepage at www.rte-france.com or visit: http://www.rte-france.com/lienrapide/eco2mix.php