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Information on unscheduled outages of generating units over 100 MW is to be provided to the market within a 30 minutes period

Source: RTE - DICAP 14/12/2010

Major step on the road to improved transparency in fundamental data disclosure on the French electricity market

UFE is completing the publication of generation data for the French electricity market and now disclosing details of unplanned total unavailabilities for each generating unit over 100 MW, within 30 minutes of their occurring. This information will include the name of the concerned generating unit, its capacity and the date and time of the incident. By the following day, it will be completed by the causes of the outage and the estimated date when service will be restored.

Since 2006, UFE has been enhancing the information on French electricity generation provided free of charge in the "Customer Area" of RTE's website. UFE's voluntary approach is among the most advanced transparency initiatives in Europe. It aims to anticipate the transparency rules that the EU Commission is considering for all electricity markets.

  • Installed capacity, detailed for current generating units over 20 MW, and aggregated per generation technology for the forecasts over a three-year timeframe;
  • Availability forecasts, detailed for each generating unit over 100 MW, and aggregated for the entire fleet;
  • Filling rate of water reservoirs;
  • Actual generation and effective availability, aggregated per generation technology.
Now, in addition to this information, unscheduled outages of generating units over 100 MW will also be announced.

UFE's system is one of the most representative in Europe, covering some 90% of the French generating fleet.
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