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A new year, a new homepage for the Customer Website!

Source: RTE - DC 23/01/2012

For 2012, we are giving the RTE Customer Website a new look.

What's changed?

Our homepage is now more dynamic, with more intuitive navigation, some handy shortcuts and a dropdown banner showing some key real-time information at a glance (bid prices on the Balancing Mechanism in both directions, settlement prices, etc.). Last but not least, there's a new search engine that lets you scan all RTE's sites to find the content you're looking for more easily.

Throughout the year, we'll be making frequent updates to your Customer Website, so we can continue to bring you more comprehensive, more reliable and more transparent information. We know that constantly improving our online services is an important way to help you do business efficiently in a rapidly changing national and European environment.

Along with all the staff at the sales department and the customer relations teams out in the regions, we wish you a very happy 2012.

Your satisfaction drives our action.

Régis Boigegrain, Head of Key Accounts, Marketing and Sales