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RTE and UFE announce more frequent updates of generation fleet availability

Source: RTE - DICAP 05/03/2013


As part of their continuous efforts to promote greater transparency in the French electricity market, RTE and UFE have introduced a major improvement to the publication of French power generation data on the RTE customer website. Information on the forecast availability of the generating fleet will now be published more frequently.

This change is a response to the requirements of electricity market operators: data on forecast available generating capacity may now be updated daily (rather than weekly) for the medium term (the next 2 to 13 weeks), and weekly (rather than monthly) for the long term (the next 14 weeks to 3 years).

The data to be updated more frequently for medium term fleet availability include aggregated figures for each technology type (nuclear, coal, gas, oil, hydro) for all generating units, and detailed information for each individual generating unit with a capacity of 100 MW or greater.

The aim of this new improvement is to provide market players with more accurate, detailed information.

It reflects UFE and RTE’s shared commitment to promoting greater transparency in the operation of the electricity market in France.

UFE: The Union Française de l’Electricité (UFE) is the association of the French electricity industry. It represents the electricity sector employers within the electricity and gas branch of the French industry and promotes the interests of generators, TSO, DSOs and suppliers in the economic, industrial and social fields. UFE members include: BKW, CNR, Poweo Direct Energie, EDF, ENEL France, E.ON, ERDF, France Hydro-Electricité (FHE), GDF SUEZ, POWEO, RTE, SHEM-GDFSUEZ, Syndicat des Energies Renouvelables (SER), UNELEG, VATTENFALL.