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Mecanism of capacity - A new tool to simplify the calculation of the obligation

Source: RTE - DC 16/10/2017

The level of capacity obligation can now be evaluated in a few clicks using the RTE online calculator.

This new calculator provides parties with the means to estimate the level of obligation of the profiled sites and remotely-metered sites (thermosensitive and non-thermosensitive), filling in the data via a form or by importing a file. The calculation method is based on the historical data and not the forecast. There are two full years of historical data: 2015 and 2016.

This new tool is available in open access via the URL https://odeon.rte-france.com, in addition to a user guide. The result of the obligation estimation using this tool in no way predicts the calculation of the obligation which will be used in the imbalance settlement of the obligated parties.

Within the framework of the mechanism of capacity, the obligated parties must have sufficient guarantees of capacity to cover the consumption of the sites within their perimeter in the winter peak period. The obligation concerns suppliers, as well as end consumers and system operators for their losses, which, for all or part of their consumption, are not supplied by a provider.