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Public consultation on draft proposal of FCR cooperation market design

Source: RTE - DIESE 15/01/2018

Frequency Containment Reserve (FCR) Cooperation announces a stakeholder consultation on a draft proposal of FCR cooperation market design pursuant to article 10 of the guideline on electricity balancing (GLEB). Article 33 of GLEB provides that TSOs exchanging balancing capacity shall develop a proposal for the establishment of common and harmonised rules and processes for the exchange and procurement of balancing capacity. The draft proposal is published on the FCR Cooperation’s website and will be consulted under the terms of the forementioned article.

Proposed market design includes a description of the current market design of FCR Cooperation with joint TSO proposal on market design changes. Draft proposal takes into account views resulting from the previous consultation, as described in TSO Conclusion document. The public consultation is determined for the duration of one month pursuant to article 10 GLEB and is scheduled from 15 January 2018 to 15 February 2018 (including). Answers can only be submitted through the ENTSO-E consultation interface linked on the FCR Cooperation’s website. FCR Draft Proposal and consultation interface are published on ENTSO-E consultation website.

In case of any questions regarding the public consultation, please contact your local TSO representative.