Local issuing office (LIO)

Presentation Form EIC Codes

With a view to ensuring efficient electronic data exchanges in the Electricity Market, a common standard identification scheme is required.

ENTSO-E (European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity) has defined a uniform coding system and the administrative organization to manage and maintain this system.
ENTSO-E has charged Local Issuing Offices to allocate and administrate the EIC code (Energy Identification Coding).
In France, RTE manages the Local Issuing Office and thus allocates and manages the French EIC codes. ENTSO-E has attributed to the French Local Issuing Office the Office Code "17". Thus, all EIC codes managed by RTE begin by the two characters "17".

These codes are used by all the french market's participant of electricity(RTE, Grid Operators, Suppliers,…) or gas to exchange information.

The identification process works in two parts :

  • Collecting the data that are needed for coding, through an electronic form on RTE's Web site,
  • Publishing on RTE Web site and on ENTSO-E Web site the followed list of data that RTE will have coded :
    • EIC Code,
    • Long Name,
    • Display Name,
    • EIC Parent Code (if exist),
    • VAT Code (for X codes),
    • Function(s) (function in the Market)

On RTE Web Site, only the RTE allocated EIC codes are provided. However, additional information on EIC may be found at www.entsoe.net :

  • EIC manual,
  • List of Issuing Offices,
  • List of all EIC codes by type (party, area, resource object,…).

A specific information for each participant will be send by RTE to inform him of EIC code(s) created or updated.

RTE request each participant to use the form provided on the RTE Web site to provide all this informations online (they can used the informations provided by RTE if they are right ; otherwise they have to be corrected on the form) and to validate and submit them by clicking on the "send" button at the bottom of the form.