Balance Responsible Entity System

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The Balance Responsible Entity system provides market parties with the opportunity to carry out all types of commercial transactions within the electricity sector. Any player who becomes a Balance Responsible Entity can create his own activity portfolio, also known as his balance perimeter.

RTE service and role

Each Balance Responsible Entity (BR) must declare to RTE, and eventually to Distribution System Operators (DSO) the injection resources and extraction elements that make up its balance perimeter.

He undertakes to pay financial compensation to RTE for negative imbalances (injection-extraction) subsequently reported within his balance perimeter. The balance Responsible Entity is financially compensated for positive imbalances by RTE.

Imbalances are calculated using a process for reconstituting injection and extraction flows on the Public transport system and the Public distribution system. This process is carried out by RTE and the DSO.

The sharing of the responsibilities and the detail of the services to be carried out are set down in contracts between RTE and the BR, RTE and the DSO and between the BR and the DSO.

RTE provides the following services for Balance Responsible Entities :

The Physical Consumption of the Balance Responsible Party is subject to a monthly payment by the Balance Responsible Party to RTE. As from February 1st 2017, the price charged is 0 €/MWh, until then it was 0.15 €/MWh.

Contracting information

  • You must sign a contract with RTE based on the rules established in consultation with players and approved by CRE

The Rules that apply to the balance responsible system are made up of chapters A and E of Section 1, and the entirety of Sections 2 and 3. There are probationary rules for section 1 during the implemention of an experiment on balancing mechanism experimentation

  • You fulfill a form which is in section 2 of the rules and inform RTE about data listed below

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Documents updated on : 03/21/2016

  • You may fill in the customer questionnaire

  • You agree with RTE on an amount of bank guarantee (see contract)

  • You sign up a contract whith DNOs with which you wish to interact

  • Rules on access to the RTE Information System and applications specific to the "Balance Responsible" mechanism

List of Balance Responsibles entities

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