To reconstitute Balance Responsible Flows

Since 1 July 2007, the electricity market has been fully opened to all French consumers, who are free to choose their electricity supplier.

To enable any customer to change suppliers, the Distribution System Operators and the Transmission System Operator (RTE) are implementing a set of provisions.

These provisions have been drawn up by consultation bodies overseen by the French Energy Regulator, CRE, as part of the GTE2007 working group on electricity, which brings together representatives of suppliers, consumer and System Operators.

When a customer connected to the PDS changes suppliers, the first steps in the process are as follows :

  • The customer signs a "single contract" with the new supplier. The supplier guarantees him a complete service for the supply and transportation of energy. Professional customers whose consumption is remotely metered can also choose to sign a Distribution System Access Contract (known by the acronym "CARD" with the DSO and a separate contract with their supplier.
  • The supplier then contacts the DSO to sign a "DSO-S contract", the purpose of which is to formally set out how the supplier's customer portfolio is to be managed and composed, and how the DSO is to collect the "transportation" portion of the fee billed directly by the supplier to his customers.

Under the French system, all consumption extracted and all generation injected into the transmission or distribution network must be assigned to a Balance Responsible Entity (BR).

  • Under the terms of a DSO-D contract, the supplier informs the Distribution System Operator of the identity of the Balance Responsible Entity for the customers he supplies and who are connected to the distribution network.
  • The DSO signs a contract with the supplier's designated Balance Responsible Entity based on the Rules governing the Balance Responsible System.

The Distribution System Operator signs a contract with RTE for the management of the Balance Responsible System on its network, to formalize exchanges of information.

Standard DSO-BR and DSO-RTE contracts are defined in the Rules governing the Balance Responsible System.

  • These Rules, which are approved by CRE, represent a transparent contractual framework that is the same for all players.
  • They are drafted with representatives of all parties, including the federations of Local Distribution Companies.
  • The contracts between the players concerned clearly set out their respective responsibilities, and so each party has an interest in clarifying their situation in a contract.

The signing of contracts is a powerful signal of the opening of the market on the Distribution System Operator's network.

Balance Responsible entity (.pdf)
Balance Responsible Entity System

The Balance Responsible Entity system allows you to engage in all kinds of commercial transactions in the electricity market

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Exchanges of data between a DSO and RTE for the BR system

Every week, the Distribution System Operator sends RTE half-hourly data for each Balance Responsible Entity active on its network, based on the following breakdown :

  • the aggregate consumption load curve of profiled sites ;
  • the aggregate generation load curve of profiled sites ;
  • the aggregate consumption load curve of remotely-metered sites ;
  • the aggregate generation load curve of remotely-metered sites.

An index-metered customer's load curve us estimated using a method known as profiling, which involves multiplying the profile or form of the load curve by an average level of consumption or generation. This average level corresponds to the site's average load.

It is the ratio between the energy measured between two readings and the sum of the profile coefficients over the same period.

The Distribution System Operator also sends RTE the load curve for losses on his network.

To send these data, the Distribution System Operator may develop his own information system or call upon market offers. He may also appoint another Distribution System Operator as a proxy, to take responsibility for profiling and/or sending data to RTE on his behalf.

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