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With the implementation of market coupling on CWE, the PXs Gate Closure Time (GCT) has been postponed from 11 am (CET)  to 12 am (CET).
RTE and the french power generators (through the Union Française de l’Electricité) have taken a certain number of commitments that will be fulfilled : most of the data related to Power generation in France will be released at 11am (CET) , namely one hour before GCT

 Long term availability forecast at the weekly peak time : W+14 to W+156

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Forecast table 2014 (in MW)
Week Nuclear Coal Gas Fuel-oil + Peak Lake hydropower Hydropower
S52 62220 4105 4145 6866 13558 9495
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NR : not received. Data from at least one generator have not been received by RTE.
The following rule is implemented when on month M, RTE does not receive data from one generator for one generation technology : the latest data received from the generator (usually M-1) are aggregated with data supplied by other generators on month M to compute the availability values for weeks W+14 to W+151. RTE does not publish data for the weeks W+152 to W+156 for this technology.

Origin of data

Forecast availability data are compiled by generators and aggregated by RTE for each type of generation technology, prior to publication.

Published availability forecasts only take into account outages that are known for certain ; the risk of unplanned outage is not considered in these data.

The published data represent the forecasted net available power : the power consumed for the functioning needs of generating units (consumption of auxiliary transformer) is not estimated.

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