Electric generation in France

The French generators that are involved in the Union Française de l'Electricité (UFE), have decided to support transparency in the electricity market by publishing data regarding availability of the generating units included in the reference fleet. Besides, RTE provides data for publication of the realized generation by the units owned by UFE members.
All data and information, some of which are given by generators, are hosted by RTE and published on its Customer website.

The initiative allow the following publications :

  • ex post information regarding realized generation, effective availability and unplanned outages of generating units.
  • ex ante information regarding the installed capacity of the reference fleet and availability forecasts of generating units from short term to long term.
  • information on the level of water reserves in France.

Generators involved

The following generators are involved in the transparency initiative : EDF, GDF – Suez, E.ON, Poweo and ALPIQ.
This commitment allows RTE to publish data including more than 90% of the generating units that are connected to the French transmission network.

Origin of published data

Realized information are computed by using RTE’s measures on the transmission network.
All other data are provided by generators and published by RTE.