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Source : RTE - DICAP

A new common regional transparency platform go live



Source : RTE - DICAP

Personnal space unavailable Monday November 19th!

ATTENTION: One exceptional maintenance period is scheduled from Friday november 16th 18:00 pm to Tuesday november 20th 8:00 am.


Source : RTE - DICAP

Analysis of the electricity supply-demand balance for the winter 2012-2013 period

A satisfactory situation with moderate risk of interrupted supply


Source : RTE - DC

Update to the ARENH Rules

RTE is publishing the first version of the Rules on the Transmission of Data for Regulated Access to Incumbent Nuclear Electricity (ARENH), applicable as of July 5th 2012.


Source : RTE - DC

Get the first issue of "Watt Else?"!



Source : RTE - DC

A new webpage dedicated to ARENH

Find out the functioning of ARENH mechanism and RTE related missions.


Source : DCOM

Transparency in the French electricity market: UFE and RTE publish additional information on French electricity generation

A new page for a clearer view of the generation supply available in France


Source : RTE - DC

A new year, a new homepage for the Customer Website!

For 2012, we are giving the RTE Customer Website a new look.


Source : RTE - DICAP

Successful launch for the new intraday allocation process on France-Switzerland interconnection.

On January 17th 2012, at 9pm, RTE and its Swiss counterpart Swissgrid have successfully launched the new intraday continuous allocation process between France and Switzerland.