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France - United Kingdom Interconnection: daily auctions

Source: RTE 27/03/2001

Today, RTE and National Grid are publishing specifications concerning auctions for the daily sales of France - United Kingdom interconnection capacities which will get under way as of 31 March 2001.

Now that the 3-year call for tenders and annual auctions have resulted
in the awarding of 973 MW in the direction France - England and of
100 MW in the direction England - France, RTE and National Grid are
publishing the specifications for the daily auctions.

- In the direction England - France, 1,900 MW will be put up for sale with
a floor price of 17.45 Euros/MW/day.
- In the direction France - England, two successive auctions will be
organised. The first will propose the sale of a volume V1 with a floor price
of 139.62 Euros/MW/day. The second will propose a volume V2
without a floor price.

As of 31 March 2001, volumes V1 and V2 will consist of:
- 777 MW for V1 and 250 MW for V2 on working days in
- 527 MW for V1 and 500 MW for V2 on non-working days in

Capacities acquired at a previous time and which would not be used
or resold by the users will be added to volume V1.
Volumes V1 and V2 will be published on a regular basis by RTE and National Grid,
in accordance with the IFA Access Rules and will take into account the capacity
that is effectively available on the IFA cross-channel link for the next day.

Each day, the detailed specifications of these auctions will be published
on the auction sale site.

This arrangement is only a temporary one. RTE and National Grid are now working
on a more elaborate daily auction system to be implemented at a later date.