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France-United Kingdom Interconnection: modification of daily auctions specifications.

Source: RTE 27/09/2001

National Grid and RTE publish new arrangements for the daily auction, as of the auctions of 28 September for 1 October 2001.

Following the allocation of a further 527MW of France to England capacity for the period 1st October - 31st December 2001 RTE and National Grid have reviewed the daily auction arrangements currently in place.

Up to 500MW of France to England capacity and 1900MW England to France capacity will be made available where interconnector capability allows.

RTE and National Grid have reviewed the structure of the daily auctions and have decided to combine the Reserve Price and Zero Reserve Price auctions for France to England capacity into a single auction with a Reserve Price of 3 /MW/Day. The Reserve Price in the England to France auction has been reviewed and has been reduced to 3/MW/Day.

Moreover, the operators are pleased to confirm that the duration of daily auctions is reduced from one hour to thirty minutes for both France - England and England - France capacity. They are answering to a request of the majority of IFA 2000 Users.

Through this decision, the operators wish to again affirm their constant desire to improve and facilitate the use of the interconnection.

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