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Power Results 2000

Source: RTE 09/01/2001

RTE observes an ongoing increase in electricity generation and consumption, as well as power exchanges with foreign countries

RTE, the French Power Transmission System Operator, has just drawn up a provisional report on electricity flows on France's power grid in the year 2000.

Electricity generation

Electricity output came to 517 TWh in 2000, up by 17 TWh compared with the 1999 figure, or an increase of 3.3%. Less use was made of hydro power (-6.1%); there was an appreciable rise in the use of nuclear energy (+ 5.4%) and a substantial increase in non-EDF conventional generation (+ 18%, for a total of 28 TWh). As regards the last category, some forty co-generation sets representing an overall capacity of about 1,200 MW were connected in 2000 to the transmission system operated by RTE (30% at 63 kV, 40% at 90 kV and 30% at 225 kV).

Internal consumption

French domestic power consumption amounted to 441 TWh in 2000, an increase of 2.4% over the 1999 figure (431 TWh). This shows that consumption has stepped up compared with the trend of previous years, which were marked by a growth rate of about 2%.

This noteworthy rise in consumption is reflected in the maximum daily energy figures. The year 2000 thus witnessed a power consumption record on 12 January 2000, with a peak of 72,400 MW occurring at 7 p.m.

Power exchanges with foreign countries

French power exports rose by 6.7% in 2000.

Total exports (72.7 TWh) and imports (3.3 TWh) show transfers to French power borders of about 76 TWh, which is a noteworthy record and attests to the opening of France's internal electricity market.

Press Officer:
Michel Derdevet - Director of Communication, RTE