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RTE improves the system implementing intraday transactions on the interconnections.

Source: RTE 28/07/2004

RTE brings into service a secure electronic message system to manage intraday transactions on the interconnections as a replacement for fax.

The main features of this new information exchange system with RTE in intraday for the users of the access to the interconnections, except the Cross-Channel link with the United Kingdom, are as follows:

-sending by secure e-mail of capacity requests, confirmations and modification requests;
- receipt by secure e-mail of RTE acknowledgements of and answers to their requests and confirmations.

Dialogue between the users and RTE concerning the access to the interconnections in intraday thus attains the same level of reliability, rapidity and soundness as that of the daily programmes.

This new system was definitively brought into service on 26 July 2004, after a 2-week testing period.