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Electricity Report 2004.

Source: RTE 17/01/2005

French electricity consumption grew strongly in 2004, with a more fluid market, 70% of which is now open to competition.

French internal electricity consumption grew by 2.2% in 2004, to reach 477.2 TWh.
Climatic conditions were less contrasted than in 2003, but the consumption in the industrial sector picked up, with an increase of 1.9%.
French internal electricity consumption grew 1.7% compared with 2003, after adjustment for weather conditions and the leap year effect. This confirms the trend observed over the past few years.

Total electricity contractual exchanges increased by almost 5% in 2004, reaching 119 TWh, which reflects the increased vitality of the European electricity market. Export levels remained stable compared with 2003, whilst a noticeable increase was observed in imports (+20%).

French electricity generation increased by 1.1% (+6.1 TWh) in 2004.

Increased fluidity in the European market?

RTE refined the tools and mechanisms it offers its customers, to help the development of the electricity market on a European scale.
As a result, the volume exchanged between balance responsible entities through block exchange notifications increased by 36% in 2004.
RTE improved its balancing mechanism in 2004, for even greater flexibility, with the creation of a new time segment for the submission of bids and two additional price brackets, to correspond more precisely to daily variations in market prices.
In addition to the opening of the Swiss border, the mechanism opened its borders with Great Britain and Spain in 2004.
As of 31st December 2004, 18 balancing actors were registered and the balancing volume called by RTE had reached 12 TWh.
RTE altered the conditions for access to the Italian interconnection in 2004, in association with the regulatory authorities in both countries. On the France-England Interconnection, RTE introduced new services and offered new products for auction.

?and on 1st July, a new phase of market deregulation

2004 was a key year for RTE, with the deregulation of the French electricity market on 1st July to almost three million professional customers. Some 70% of the market is now open to competition.
RTE adapted the balancing responsible entity system to integrate these new customers. In particular, RTE adapted its information system in order to industrialise data exchanges with distribution network operators.

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