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A few words from Claire Niclot, Key Accounts Department Manager, about RTE's new web services

Source: Claire Niclot - Director, Key Accounts Service 19/03/2010


At the beginning of 2010, RTE updated its visual identity to reflect its commitment to openness and dialogue. As part of its new image, the company adopted a new logo, ran a special media campaign, completely overhauled its corporate website and created a new interactive section.
To ensure you, as customers of RTE, have access to all the information you need, here are some practical details about the various sites available to you:

the corporate website, which can be accessed by anyone:


Among other things, the corporate website contains:
  • news about RTE in the "Front Page" section

  • our main publications

  • information about what we do, to help you understand our projects and businesses

  • our sustainable development section

  • national electricity demand in real-tim

the Behind the Lines blog, open to all contributors:

www.audeladeslignes.com new !!!

You can:
  • contribute to public debates about electricity and energy-related issues

  • share any questions you may have about these topical issues with other website users

  • post comments on the different themes online?

and the Customer Area:


Where, as ever, you can find:
  • a description of our full range of services

  • data published by RTE with a download module

  • targeted news for specific customer segments

  • publications about your services

  • your access to the Personalized Customer Area, for managing your contractual data in a secure and confidential environment

  • your access to the CURTE consultation area

  • new feature: an e-learning module for MORGAN

For more information, you can still:
  • get in touch with your dedicated customer contact, using the map provided on the site

  • submit a suggestion or ask a question directly on the site, via the "contact us" section

I hope these new information resources will provide you with everything you need.
Claire Niclot - Director, Key Accounts Service