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Your views on the Customer Services Portal

Source: RTE - DICAP 21/05/2010

In March, we ran a survey to find out what you think of the Customer Services Portal of our website. And the response was very positive, with over 50% of you responding.

Encouraging results from the first satisfaction survey!

7.3 / 10: that's how you scored the tool Some 86% of those surveyed thought the new section made communicating with RTE easier

The hit rate for the new section is generally excellent, with 83% of respondents confirming they log on at least once a month, while 18% visit even more frequently, at least once a week. 

Among our customers, a total of 72% of "distributors" and 61% of "generators" visit the section at least once a month. And 47% of ?consumers? and ?supplier/traders? say they log on just as often.

The different features and resources available in the customer section achieved a satisfaction rate of 80% on average. This rate rises to 91% and 86% respectively, for two key features: copies of invoices and annual reviews.

Thank you for your valuable feedback!

The survey provided us with plenty of food for thought, and we are getting to work straight away to make improvements based on your comments, focusing particularly on:
  • providing more customer support and assistance,

  • making access to the customer section easier to manage (PKI),

  • updating news and information more frequently.

In the autumn, we'll be unveiling a new version that will include a number of changes introduced in response to your suggestions.

New features will be added, including:
  • profile-based access

  • subscribed Capacity to be replaced by adjusted capacity

  • electricity Quality commitment tracking

  • access to metering data...
For full details of the eleven new features, you can get in touch with your Sales contact, right away.

Coming soon....a round table to look at changes

In the autumn, RTE will be launching a round table for users, to look at future developments. We will be delighted to include in the process any customers who stated an interest during the survey.

Your sales contact will be happy to share the detailed results of the survey with you.
If you do not have access to the Customer Services Portal, click here