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Interconnections: Roll-out of the Common FUI Portal (France UK Ireland region)

Source: RTE - DC 01/03/2013

RTE, NGIC, BritNed, EirGrid, SONI, and Mutual Energy are pleased to announce the roll out of the new Common FUI Portal. The portal offers market participants and stakeholders a single common access point to the key market data for capacity trading and congestion management on all electricity interconnectors in the France UK Ireland region (FUI region).

The Common FUI Portal is a dynamic website displaying the latest news and detailed information covering the BritNed, IFA, East West, and Moyle Interconnectors in a single easy-to-use location. These HVDC interconnectors link the electricity grids and markets in the UK, Netherlands, France, and Ireland. The Common FUI Portal provides details on the trading opportunities on these interconnectors such as the capacity auction calendars, results, and the commercial flows.

Following on from the first step of harmonisation of Interconnector Access Rules, the Common FUI Portal project has been another step forward in cooperation between the Transmission Systems Operators in the FUI region.

Contact details and links to the individual trading platforms are provided at www.fui-portal.eu/auctionplatforms should you require any further information.