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E-learning - Flow Based Market Coupling

Source: RTE - DC 22/05/2014


In a few months, electricity prices of coupled markets in the CWE region will be impacted by the introduction of the Flow-Based method in the calculation of cross border capacities. The Flow-Based methodology replaces the current ATC method and its purpose is to provide optimization of cross border capacities calculation. This mechanism aims to be extended to other European countries.

In view of this important change, we have developed in cooperation with logo Epex four training courses (in English, German and French) about this new methodology in order to enable you to have an in-depth understanding of it and anticipate its impacts:

  • Refresh your knowledge about TSOs and ATC
  • Understand Flow-Based methodology
  • Learn more about Flow-Based capacity calculation
  • Grasp Flow-Based parameters and the impacts for traders

The pedagogical approach and complementarities of these training courses allow everyone no matter his level of expertise to acquire this complex subject. A knowledge test is at your free disposal on EPEX website in order to guide you towards the most appropriate training courses to your needs. http://www.epexspot.com/en/elearning/flow-based-elearning-modules.

We will also organize Webinars about specific topics of these training courses on our E-learning platform in order to support you as best as possible through the transition. You will have the opportunity in these Webinar sessions if you wish to exchange with RTE and EPEX' experts.

These training courses interest your traders, analysts and all those whose activity is impacted by this new methodology? Go now to our website http://www.epexspot.com/en/elearning/flow-based-elearning-modules and take advantage of our introductory offer with the 4th training offered for any order (FB1+FB2+FB3+FB4) made by July, 1st.

Should you need any further information, feel free to contact Françoise Maguet (EPEX) at + 33 1 73 03 61 83 or Laure Lamoureux (RTE) at + 33 1 41 02 23 32 as well as per email elearning@epexspot.com.