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4th module for free before the 1st of July/Flow-Based Market Coupling/new E-Learning modules

Source: RTE - DC 17/06/2014

Dear Sir, dear Madam,

As you know, in a few months electricity prices of coupled markets in the CWE region will be impacted by the introduction of the Flow-Based method in the calculation of cross border capacities.

EPEX and RTE support you through this transition by:

  • developing together 4 online training courses about Flow-Based market coupling.
  • offering for free the 4th module for all orders of packages made before July,1st.
  • enabling you to measure your knowledge per training course by doing a ?knowledge test? on our website Test in 3 mn your knowledge about Flow-Based (click here)
  • helping you to know more about the content of each training course before your purchase by putting at your disposal extracts of the modules (complete table of contents and full access to two selected chapters): see below

To order or know more about these training courses go to http://www.epexspot.com/en/elearning/flow-based-elearning-modules

Feel free to contact Françoise Maguet (EPEX) at + 33 1 73 03 61 83 or Laure Lamoureux (RTE) at + 33 1 41 02 23 32 as well as per email elearning@epexspot.com if you need any further information.


Full table of contents
Extracts module 1


Full table of contents (1/2)
Full table of contents (2/2)
Extracts module 2


Full table of contents (1/2)
Full table of contents (2/2)
Extracts module 3


Extracts soon available