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RTE harmonize its data with the Transparency regulation, on the Customer Portal

Source: RTE - DC 12/12/2014

RTE has chosen to harmonize the data of its Customer portal with the ones required by transparency regulation EC 543/2013, thus pursuing its transparency initiative towards the market participants, and positioning its website as a back-up of the French data that would be published on the central European platform, dealt by ENTSO-E, in place on the 5th January 2015.

RTE anticipated the update of some of the data that are modified by the regulation. The customer portal will thus be updated this Tuesday 16th December from 14 till 15 pm.

The attached document will illustrate the modification on the download data part of the portal, after the update of the 16th December. Are only listed, in this document the new or modified downloadable datasets.

Some of the modifications will be only live in January; this second step is specified in the document, which will be updated in consequence.

Such information is targeted to IT experts, allowing configuring their automated tools downloading data via Servlets as described in the document.

The file examples can also illustrate the content of new lines or columns, which could be helpful to any interested party in the data published by RTE.

For the consumption, the main evolutions are:

  • Forecast for the week ahead: Rte will publish 7 days instead of 6
  • Yearly forecast: RTE will publish the minimum and maximum weekly forecast instead of the max only.
  • Year ahead forecast margin: RTE will publish this annual value margin calculated following the regulation definition.

For generation, the main evolutions are:

  •  The short, mid and long term availability of generation units are replaced by planned and unplanned unavailabilities, sent to RTE and published when they are known in a continuous way.
  • The reference fleet, based on UFE producers is replaced by the installed capacity from 1 MW in France
  • The list of production units above 100 MW is published
  • Solar forecast are added to actual generation per solar production type.
  • The actual generation per production type will be published in H+( instead of D+1)
  • Water reserves are published in MWh( instead of filling rate in m3)

For interconnection capacities, the main changes would be:

  • Yearly NTC will be published a tat monthly resolution, monthly NTC at a daily one, and weekly NTC will be provided in an hourly resolution.
  • Some curves of netted programs are published now in the pages of the « utilization of capacities »
  • New data in relation to physical flows on the borders, each hour, as well descriptions of countertrading and redispatching measures taken will be published

The planned and unplanned unavailabilities of the transmission network with an impact on cross border capacities (NTC) will be provided. They will replace the 400 KV network unavailability map.

In relation to balancing data, new pages on procured reserves and accepted and activated reserves offers will be also online in the January update of the web. The document will be updated consequently.

For any technical question, please write to rte-dsit-mco-ec@rte-france.com