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A new portal with new services!

Source: RTE - DICAP 13/06/2017

Energy and digital technology are two driving forces inextricably linked to the industrial revolution currently under way. In recent years, RTE's customers have been among the first to incorporate smarter solutions into their production sites and workflows. They therefore have high expectations in this regard.

Our solutions must be quick, simple and effective. New services will be added throughout 2017 to help our customers optimise their performance.

A key commitment of RTE's industrial approach is to provide open access to the power system's data for everyone. The Data and Services portals ? currently in the process of being rolled out ? are an integral part of this approach.

A wide range of available data

Starting immediately, the Services Portal has a section open to the public:

From now on, you can also access your private metering data and view it in a secure mode:

  • Raw and validated metering data
  • Raw and validated system data
  • Raw and validated physical data

You can use this new service to view any data you're interested in? in just a glance: data can be filtered and displayed dynamically, and soon you'll have access to additional comparison functions, as well as being able to download data.

Notification services for keeping you informed

A new incident reporting service about electricity quality now adds to the range of notification services available to RTE customers:

  • Subscribed power exceedance notification
  • Tangent Phi exceedance notification
  • Consumption threshold exceedance notification

Notification services will send you near-real time notifications by email and/or text message.

Simple management of your services and users

For all private data services, customers can independently manage users and authorisations relating to their company for the various services available.

Import your data into your own IT system

In addition, the Data Portal provides IT developers with around thirty APIs*:

  • 7 Partner APIs for customers with their metering data,
  • 24 Open APIs providing access to the power system's public data (RTE's consumption and generation data, demand response mechanisms and cross-border electricity interconnections), including data on the Services Portal.

Check out all our digital services in the section "Learn more about our services".

*An API is a line of computer code that enables company A to retrieve resources (data, services, content, etc.) from company B and display them on its channels (website, application, etc.).