Purchase Obligations System

How to sale your generation under purchase obligations?

Article L. 314-1 of the Code de l'énergie (French Code of Energy Law) allows some power generators to sell their production to EDF or local distribution companies at regulated prices under purchase obligations. This is a different mechanism from the invitation to tender regulated under Article L311-10 of the Code de l’énergie.

Under the purchase obligations, EDF or local distribution companies are required to establish a contract for the purchase of power generated by installations whose development is supported by the government.

If you want to sell the production of your future installation under a purchase obligation contract, you must, in addition to the normal grid connection and access procedures, complete the following steps:
  • Request a purchase obligation entitlement certificate from your DREAL (Direction Régionale de l'Environnement de l'Aménagement et du Logement, Regional Environmental Planning and Housing Office). This application can be completed on-line by visiting your regional DREAL website.
  • Contact EDF – Purchase Obligations to request a purchase obligation contract.

In application of the Decree of March 4th 2011, in the case of a photovoltaic installation, you do not need to go through the EDF – Purchase Obligation procedures as long as you have completed the "Purchase Obligation" form specifically regarding photovoltaic power. RTE will then forward the required components to EDF – Purchase Obligations, which will contact you in order to establish a purchase contract.

Be aware that if your photovoltaic installation project is subject to an invitation to tender, the CRE (French Energy Regulator) is the body that will transmit the necessary components to EDF – Purchase Obligations if your project is among the winning bids.

Important Information

RTE does not intervene in the relationship between the generator and EDF - Purchase Obligations.

From the very beginning of your project, it is important to specify whether you plan to sell the all production or the surplus (after deduction of your own needs). Some technical conditions will differ depending on your choice.