2013 Satisfaction Survey

RTE’s image

Overall, RTE has a very good image, better than the one it had in 2010:

  • 83% of those who took part see RTE as an innovative company, as opposed to 77% in 2010;
  • 91% of those who took part see RTE as a company that helps its clients. The situation is less clear-cut for distributors and the CNES;
  • 97% of those who took part see RTE as a high-performance company, as opposed to 94% in 2010. This level applies right across the board, irrespective of the client's job function, region or activity (trader suppliers, distributors, producers, consumers).

2013 satisfaction survey: results

Appreciated improvements

You have a good impression of the interaction that you have with RTE's representatives.

You appreciate the way in which communication between RTE and its clients has been modernised: the web-based communications tools (Client Space, Personalised Client Space, CURTE Space, etc.) and the hotline number all mean that more detailed information can be made available.

We are continuing with our drive to improve these tools. As more and more people start using the Client Space on our website, we are going to be offering you a number of new optimised features over the next few months.

Overall, the important areas in which you appreciate RTE's services are:

  • the quality of the information system,
  • the range of services (grid access and connection).

Your complaints

Fewer people formulated complaints than in 2010: 18% of those who took part submitted a complaint, as opposed to 24% in 2010. Of these clients, 73% considered the 30-day resolution time satisfactory. This is the norm for the manufacturing sector, and for the B2B sector more generally. It should be noted that most of these complaints are to do with accessing the grid.

Improving the quality and the speed with which complaints are handled are certainly a couple of areas to focus on in order to increase your overall satisfaction. The speed with which they are handled in particular is still a priority criterion for RTE. Currently, RTE undertakes to acknowledge receipt of a complaint within 7 days, and to answer more fully in under 30 days. Those clients who are not satisfied with the 30-day resolution time (28% of all clients) would like an answer within 7 days on average.

Importance of these criteria by level of influence and performance

Our aim is to understand your system of values by asking you about what is important for you. In addition to your overall level of satisfaction, the survey factors in the "performance index" which we use to measure RTE's performance against the criteria which you think are the most important.

The scores for each criterion and the overall satisfaction score are cross-referenced.

For example: a client awards an overall satisfaction score of 8/10, and a score of 5/10 for the connection process. If the client is unhappy in relation to the connection criterion, this score does not affect their overall satisfaction score: this criterion is therefore considered to be of less importance.

  • So each criterion is classified by order of importance for the client, and then all of those who took part in the survey.
  • Each criterion is then weighted depending on its classification. This way, the performance index can be calculated.

100% of clients satisfied in relation to 100% of important criteria = 10,000 points.

RTE has a rating of 7192 points (as opposed to 6194 in 2010). This shows that, in addition to having a good overall rating, the various initiatives that have been under way over the months have all contributed to improving your satisfaction.

2013 satisfaction survey: results

Overall, the requirements that people expressed in the survey indicate that the range of services is top of the list of client priorities.

2013 satisfaction survey: results

The range of services

The range of services emerges as an important issue for clients' future. The quality of service to do with accessing the market (7.2 vs 6.7 in 2010), accessing the grid (7.9 vs 7.6 in 2010) and connection (7.5 vs 7.4 in 2010) has increased compared with 2010.

Contract management

The main contracts into which those who took part have entered with RTE are: the CART (58%, as opposed to 52% in 2010), the connection agreement and the operating and management agreement (42%, as opposed to 36% in 2010).

Your level of satisfaction has increased compared with 2010. In your opinion, RTE has fully complied with these contracts (8.1 vs 7.7 in 2010). They are clear and tailored to meet your requirements (7.4 vs 7.3). You do, however, point out that it is difficult to make changes to these contracts and the commitment prices or level of payment (6.7 vs 6.5). Traders and distributors are the most critical in relation to this particular area.


This year, criteria to do with the dedicated representative or the level of commercial freedom that they have are considered secondary. You appreciate your dedicated representative's availability and the relationship that you have with them (8.3 and 8.4, respectively – an increase compared with 2010).

This improvement is mainly to do with satisfaction levels which were considered less important in 2010 becoming more important in 2013. Nevertheless, it suggests that clients' needs and expectations in the future will mainly be about service quality and the quality of the information system.


Many clients are still not aware of the CURTE (committee of clients who use the Electricity Transmission System) consultation initiative. More people are aware of the initiative and use it than in 2010, but levels remain low (attendance at meetings of 35%, as opposed to 29% in 2010.

A new website will go on-line in September. This site will be a dedicated area for consultation. It will be user-friendly and will provide you with clear information. The emphasis will be on an ergonomic, more intuitive design so as to make consultation more accessible.

New RTE services

You expect new ranges of services. We are committed to innovating on an on-going basis so as to meet your expectations, and will use the results of this satisfaction survey to guide us.

From satisfaction to performance

RTE undertakes to use these results and to analyse your comments in order to progress and to provide high-performance solutions to the issues which you consider to be the most important. This commitment is part of an on-going, long-term approach.