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Upcoming launch of the 2010 Client Satisfaction Survey

Source: RTE - DICAP 15/11/2010

In the next few days, RTE will be launching the 2010 edition of its client satisfaction survey.

It is through the use of this modern measurement tool and a completely updated questionnaire that RTE hopes to measure the satisfaction of its clients.

All of our market participants will soon receive by email an invitation to the interactive online questionnaire.

By taking just a few minutes to answer, each person will be able to express his or her opinion about important aspects of the client experience: projects, contracts, information exchange...

Throughout the course of the questionnaire, there are many opportunities to express yourself about RTE, including multiple open-ended questions, allowing clients to express any issues they may have as well as their priorities.

RTE has tasked INIT, a survey institute specialized in market research, to carry out this study in order to ensure an integer and anonymous survey process.