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Source : RTE - DICAP

Information on unscheduled outages of generating units over 100 MW is to be provided to the market within a 30 minutes period

Major step on the road to improved transparency in fundamental data disclosure on the French electricity market


Source : RTE - DICAP

Successful launch of the new Franco-German Intraday solution

Amprion, RTE and EnBW TNG offer a harmonized Intraday capacity allocation platform. EPEX Spot realizes integrated Franco-German Intraday market place


Source : RTE - DICAP

RTE unveils "éCO2mix", a new service providing continuous information on electricity demand, generation and CO2 emissions in France

RTE's new national "éCO2mix" service is another step towards greater transparency.


Source : RTE - DICAP

Upcoming launch of the 2010 Client Satisfaction Survey

In the next few days, RTE will be launching the 2010 edition of its client satisfaction survey.


Source : RTE - DICAP

Successful joint launch of the Central West European price market coupling and the Central West European-Nordic tight volume coupling

A decisive step towards a single European Electricity Market


Source : RTE - D2M

Update of the availability forecast data for nuclear generation

Data have been updated


Source : CWE, EMCC and Nordic parties

CWE/Nordic coupling joint target launch date



Source : Source: RTE ? D2M

A New User Experience for Transparency Data

Access data through a new 'Dashboard' with a customized visual display.


Source : RTE - DICAP

2010 Update of the Generation Adequacy Report

The security of France's power supply should be guaranteed until 2013


Source : RTE - DICAP

RTE publishes the ?Block Exchange Notifications? brochure

Visit the Customer Section of the website to find the ?Block Exchange Notifications? brochure, which gives a detailed explanation of how the service works.


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Moves to promote transparency in the French electricity market enter a new phase

Forecast availability, unit by unit


Source : RTE - DICAP

Analysis of the supply-demand balance for summer 2010

For temperatures close to seasonal norms, the forecast supply-demand balance for electricity shows no particular difficulties throughout the summer of 2010.


Source : RTE - DICAP

RTE publishes the ?Balancing Mechanism? brochure

Visit the consumer's website to download the ?Balancing Mechanism? brochure, containing updated information.


Source : RTE - DICAP

Your views on the Customer Services Portal

In March, we ran a survey to find out what you think of the Customer Services Portal of our website. And the response was very positive, with over 50% of you responding.


Source : Claire Niclot - Director, Key Accounts Service

A few words from Claire Niclot, Key Accounts Department Manager, about RTE's new web services


Source : RTE - DICAP

"Guaranteeing Reliability Together" seminars

Power system reliability is everybody's business.


Source : RTE DICAP

New corporate website and Customer Website only address being now http://clients.rte-france.com

The Customer website only address is now http://clients.rte-france.com