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Offers and services / Block Exchange Notification (NEB).

Source: RTE 04/02/2003

RTE implements on 03/02/03 a new matching rule for load block exchange programmes.

The matching rule to be applied as of 03/02/03 in case of a dispute with regard to the load bock exchange programmes declared between two NEB holder parties is as follows :

- for a dispute in D-1, the value selected for the half-hourly intervals concerned by the dispute is the average of 2 statements,
- for a dispute during an intra-day gate, RTE selects, for the half-hourly intervals concerned by the dispute, those values which were chosen during the prior gate. This part of the rule remains unchanged compared with the rule previously in force.

The updating of the contract for access to the load block exchange service is available on our site, under the heading "Offers and services / Balance Responsible Entity".