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France-United Kingdom Interconnection.

Source: RTE 11/03/2003

Reduction in exchange capacity between France and United Kingdom.

On Thursday March 6th an incident on one of the submarine DC cables supporting the France - United Kingdom cross Channel link (IFA 2000) has resulted in a reduction in exchange capacity between the two grids.

Based on the information available today, the available capacity would possibly remain at 1500 MW for several weeks.

Following this incident and until March 31st, National Grid and RTE are not proposing the usual values for the daily auctions: 300 MW from France to UK and 500 MW from UK to France.

National Grid and RTE announce the following auctions to be held next week :

- Tuesday 18/03/03, annual auction for the period between April 2003 and March 2004: 300 MW France to England and 500 MW England to France,
- Wednesday 19/03/03, auctions for the second quarter 2003 are cancelled,
- Thursday 20/03/03, monthly auction for April 2003: 250 MW England to France.

Further information is provided in the auction specifications.

From March 31st 2003, National Grid and RTE will offer in daily auctions, 150 MW from France to UK and 250 MW from UK to France.

Further information will be provided as work to repair the submarine DC cable progresses.

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