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RTE Results 2002.

Source: RTE 27/03/2003

The results of RTE, the French Transmission System Operator, confirm the company's sound financial position at the end of a year placed under the sign of quality.

Satisfactory results for the second year in a row?
RTE announces a net income after taxes for 2002 that is in keeping with its forecasts:
+112 million (versus 250 million in 2001) for 3,657 million in sales revenue.
616 million were devoted to investments for the development and replacement of the company's transmission and interconnection networks. RTE also continued the reduction of its debt by 99 million.

?despite mild weather conditions
The year 2001 had experienced a cold spell at year-end, bringing with it higher-than-average revenue (+80 million). 2002, which was exceptionally mild at the end of the year, saw revenue fall off by 40 million compared with a normal year. In all, the climatic impact goes to explain a drop of 120 million in 2002.
This drop is partially offset by additional revenue since the adoption on 1/11/02 of the network access tariff (about 30 million). This tariff is now substituted for the transitional price scale which was unfavourable to RTE.

?and a rise in operating expenses
Operating expenses rose from 3,089 million to 3,316 million. The most significant increases are to be attributed in particular to:
- the contribution of 68 million to the "ETSO Fund", ETSO being the Association of European Transmission System Operators which, since 1/03/02, has ensured the compensation for network utilisation costs related to international transfers,
- the gaining in momentum, with more than 80 million, of the network mechanical security enhancement programme decided in the wake of the storms of 1999, which aims at adapting RTE infrastructures to the new technical requirements for wind resistance.

Investments and new service offers which contribute to the opening of the French electricity market

More than 720 km of power lines were erected or replaced while 12 electrical substations were connected to the RTE network in 2002. Among these projects, mention should be made of the following:

- The commissioning of the first French 400 kV transformer -phase shifter at La Praz (Savoie),
- The reconstruction of the 400 kV interconnection line linking Vigy (France) to Uchtelfangen (Germany),
- Completion of the 400 kV line which connects Tavel to Tricastin.

As regards services, the offer developed particularly through:

- Base load energy block exchange notifications,
- The extension of the Non-guaranteed Limited Exceeding of Subscribed Demand service,
- The continuation between France and Great Britain of the allocation of exchange capacity, in both directions, by means of auctions,
- A daily allocation of capacity between France and Italy.

2002, year of quality in all of the company's sectors of activity

The year 2002 was that of the total involvement of RTE in the quality approach.
All of RTE's operational units and central entities have been certified ISO 9001 V 2000 since 27/12/02.
RTE is readying itself in 2003 to obtain the overall certification for the company.
At the same time, RTE obtained the ISO 14001 environmental certification for the entire company in 2002. It buried nearly 25% of new high voltage lines and removed 161 km of the existing network.
The efforts deployed by RTE and its employees have helped increase customer satisfaction. This is the main conclusion of the survey of 400 customers conducted in 2002, which highlights a customer satisfaction rate close to 90%.

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