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Life of the Power System : new section Balancing Mechanism.

Source: RTE 31/03/2003

RTE is publishing a new sub-section today : Life of the Power System / Balancing Mechanism.

In order to provide a clear view and good understanding of how the Balancing Mechanism works, RTE is creating a new sub-section
called "Life of the Power System / Balancing Mechanism"

From now on, specific pages containing information on the Balancing Mechanism will be published every day and according to time periods
suited to the use that the market players make of such information.

The following data will be made available:

- Daily operating margins at the consumption peaks (D-1 9 p.m);
- Trends and balancing price (h+1 day D);
- Daily balancing energy volume (h gate closure +1);
- Imbalance settlement price (h+1 day D);
- Daily capacity/price curve (D+1 midnight).

The historical records of these data will also be available and published on the RTE site.

Consult our new sub-section " Life of the Power System / Balancing Mechanism".