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France-United Kingdom Interconnection: information on the repair of the submarine cable.

Source: RTE 24/04/2003

The repair of the submarine cable of the France-United Kingdom DC link damaged on 6 March will be longer than intially foreseen: restoration of full capacity to be scheduled not before early June 2003

In addition to our dispatch of 11 March, we wish to inform you that the works undertaken by RTE to repair the submarine cable of the IFA 2000 direct current cross-channel link will be longer than forecast and that the maximum capacity of the interconnection will consequently still be limited to 1,500 MW at least up to the beginning of June 2003.

The reasons for this delay are:

- Greater difficulty than expected in precisely locating the damaged part of the cable: additional fault location tests at sea must be carried out at the site where the cable was initially severed in the hope of being able to repair the damaged part.
- Unfavourable meteorological conditions limiting the periods during which the repair boat can be used.

The precise cable return dates and the effects of this delay on the IFA cross-channel safety shutdown schedule will be published regularly on our Internet site on the page "Annual NTC forecasts during the works periods".