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Life of power system / France-England Interconnection.

Source: RTE 28/05/2003

Full capacity (2000 MW) recovery on the France-England Interconnector from the 30 may 2003 ; additional 500 MW capacity available on the auction of 28 may.

Thanks to the efforts provided by the teams of RTE, the start-up of the cable in damage on IFA2000 which limited until now the capacity of the France-England interconnector at 1500MW, is advanced at 30 May 2003. From 30 May at 00h00 French hour, the capacity of the interconnector is back to its nominal value, 2000 MW.

Thus, the capacity put on sale for the daily auctions which take place on 28 May for the 30 May is increased to 650 MW in the direction France- England and to 750 MW in the direction England-France.

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