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News / Optical fibres: Partnership between RTE and the General Council of La Manche.

Source: RTE 03/07/2003

The General Council of La Manche Department and RTE are forming a partnership for the development of access to digital technologies in the Department.

Today, Mr. Jean-François LE GRAND, President of the General Council of "La Manche" and Mr. André MERLIN, Director of the Electricity Transmission System are presenting their partnership in the framework of the national digital planning policy.

Public authorities are committed to opening access to high speed telecommunications. They have enabled local authorities to utilize infrastructures of the public electricity transmission system to deploy optical fibres in the least accessible areas.

The General Council of "La Manche" was the first local authorities to use this opportunity. This is why RTE has installed the first optical fibre segment in its electric grid in the "La Manche" Department that will be destined for use by a local authorities.

This initial roll-out phase that is the main conduit for the future "Universal Services Backbone" desired by the "La Manche" Department is the end result of the dynamic policy of digital implementation led by the General Council.

This operation was made possible by the industrial capacity of RTE to lay in fibers at a competitive cost and with reduced lead times.

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