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RTE's 2002 activity report going on line

Source: RTE 18/07/2003

RTE's 2002 activity report is on line on its website. This year the report is placed under the sign of Quality, a concept that has been applied throughout RTE in 2002.

Last July 7th, AFAQ awarded the ISO 9001 V2000 certificate to RTE for all its activities and customer services. This event is the successful outcome of procedures initiated in the year 2000 and represents an important step in RTE's commitment to giving customers satisfaction through time.

The year 2002 has seen the Quality concept applied throughout RTE. All RTE's operational units and all the central units concerned have been awarded the ISO 9001 V2000 certificate and, at the same time, RTE has also been given the ISO 14001 environmental certification for the entire company.
The Quality concept, entirely devoted to customer satisfaction, has spread throughout all RTE activities, its commercial services, but its industrial activities as well, so as to provide a highly reliable grid and technical performances that are up to customer expectations.
Environmental Quality is another means of expressing a form of culture that entails progressing together whilst respecting our fellow citizens' life environments at the same time.

Over and above certification, this policy is leading to concrete results as our second customer survey has given a satisfaction ratio of 90% an improvement of 5 points compared with the results obtained in 2001.

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