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Forecast from Saturday 23 Aug 2014 to Thursday 28 Aug 2014

Daily consumption peaks (in MW) and hypothetical temperature (in °C)
Days Saturday
Hours 13:00 23:00 13:00 13:00 13:00 13:00
Peaks 45500 44000 51100 53600 53800 53900
Reference temperatures 19.8 19.6 19.5 19.5 19.3 19.2
Forecast deviations -3.1 -2.4 0.3 1.3 1.4 1.2
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Date updated : Tuesday 19 Aug 2014

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Electricity consumption forecasts are given for information only from D+2 to D+7. These are based on consumption levels and meteorological conditions observed over the previous 7 days, and the meteorological forecasts for the coming 7 days. They may, therefore, vary significantly in terms of both form and level.

These forecasts are updated every working day.

Since the 1st November 2003, RTE has been able to measure total electricity demand in France, by taking into account all generating plants

Auto consumption of generating units (consumption of auxiliary transformer) is not taken into account in the estimated consumption forecasts.

(*) In winter, a higher temperature than reference temperature leads to a drop in consumption, a lower temperature than reference temperature to a rise in consumption (heating effect). In summer, this may be the contrary (air conditioning effect).

(**) Nebulosity, measured in octas, represents the extent of the cloud covering (from 0 for a clear sky to 8 for a completely overcast sky, the normal value being 6). i.e. higher nebulosity than usual leads to a rise in demand.

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RTE shall not be held liable for the use that might be made of the data made available,
nor for forecasts which might prove to be inaccurate.