Insufficient offers : list of message(s) sent to the Balancing Actors

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Warning for the day of : 20/11/2019
Day and hour of emission Day of application Type Nature Direction Hour of beginning Hour of end
20/11/2019 03:00 20/11/2019 dégradé Equilibre offre/demande hausse 07:00 13:00
19/11/2019 19:05 20/11/2019 alerte Equilibre offre/demande hausse 07:00 13:00

Definition :

The information message (called alert message in the scheduling, balancing mecanism and BRPs rules) is sent from D-1 as soon as the volume available capacity on the balancing mecanism usable, taking into account the forecasted imbalance on demand peak, is lower than minimum required margin. This message aims to inform the BRPs about the forecasted imbalance at the demand peak in order for the to compensate it and the balancing mecanism actors in order to submit complementary offers.

The message for potential need to activate comlementary offers (called downgraded mode in the scheduling, balancing mecanism and BRPs rules) for balancing is sent on the same criteria as the information message or close to real time in case of outage. The message aims, close to TSO opreating range, to inform the balancing mecanism actors that RTE may potentially activate complementary offers and the BRPs that in case of activation of more expensive offers there may be an impact on the imbalance settlement price.

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